Posted on Jul 10, 2020

Advance Agency Web Design London

What makes a great website design?
When we first go about creating a website for a client of ours, we look at the leading competitors. How can we learn from what they have or haven't done. In digital marketing you need to know what you don't need to do as much as what you need to do. We analyse the marketing strategies and most visited landing pages in the given industry. Therefore we can start to put together what is the best product offerings in the market, how are they designed, what features do they not have that would make our client stand out. This not only saves you a hell of a lot of money but can make your ongoing online experience much easier with regard to conversion and making sales. All of this data is now readily available to web designers however if they don't have a background in internet marketing they won't give this much thought. We know from running marketing campaigns that it's very important to first conduct market research before starting any web design or campaign. It can literally save you thousands in wasted developer effort, advertising spend and exposure. Once we analyse the market we can put together a bullet proof website design that we know will work well with customers and yield the best possible result. So if you want us to conduct this competitor analyse for you and your company, reach out to Advance Agency today!
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